Onychmycosis( fungal nails) is a very common condition, and although it is not painful, it causes embarrassment and lowers self -esteem. It can occur on hands and feet, but it is more common on toenails. It is caused by the transfer of athletes foot on the skin into a weakened or damaged nail, and if left untreated can lead to a thickened, discoloured, crumbling nail.

Until now, treatment for this condition has had poor success rates. Topically applied liquids can not penetrate the nail plate so fail to reach the fungus, and oral medication can be a risk to liver function.

Noveon nailaser is a photo biological laser. It has been used successfully in the States and this cutting edge technology is now available in the Uk. There is seven years of published research showing a success rate of 95%.

It’s benefits are:

  • no medical side effects
  • no risk to liver function as with oral medication
  • proven medical results
  • safe technology-no toxic plume as with other laser devices
  • promotes healthy nail growth from the first treatment
  • visual improvement with 2-3 months
  • no post treatment recovery period
  • only moderate heat and tingling sensations during treatment
  • affordable and quick solution
  • CE Mark and approved by the US FDA for onychomycosis treatment