Podiatry in Sutton Coldfield Area

We offer a wide range of podiatry in Sutton Coldfield and the surrounding areas.

Gait Analysis in Sutton Coldfield

We can carry out a biomechanical or MSK assessment.

Before a gait analysis your Podiatrist will examine your lower limbs with a  focus on any current injuries. This physical examination will allow the Podiatrist to identify which structures in your anatomy are injured and to what extent they are injured.

If appropriate, the Podiatrist will agree a management plan with you to try to meet your aims.

This includes:

Looking at posture,structure and function.

Diagnosing irregularities.

Providing strengthening and stretching exercises.

We offer a full range of insoles/orthotics covering all price ranges.


Swift Microwave Verruca Treatment in Sutton Coldfield

Microwaves have been in clinical use for over 25 years. They are used globally in the effective treatment of some cancers. Now for the first time this technology has been applied for use on verrucae

Swift Microwave Verruca Treatment:

  • requires very little aftercare – no dressings to change or keep dry.
  • Pain from your verrucae will disappear rapidly.
  • it requires fewer appointments for stubborn lesions, than traditional treatments.
  • enables you to get on with your everyday life with no special care needed between appointments.


Minor Surgery for Ingrowing Toe Nails in Sutton Coldfield

We provide a range of minor surgical procedures for foot care including Ingrowing toe nails, removal of nails that are deformed or painful, infected in growing toe nail, removal of nails following trauma.  We also offer dry needling for verruca, debridement and enucleation of painful corns, debridement and enucleation of neuro vascular corns, removal of foreign bodies in the foot, correction for painful involuted nails and the removal of fungal nails.

Paediatric Assessment in Sutton Coldfield

Assessing a child’s foot is very different to that of an adult. Their rate of growth varies and they each have unique characteristics. Prompt assessment and treatment of children’s feet by a podiatrist that have features such as; flat feet, regular tripping or ongoing foot pain asymmetrical feet, excessive shoe wear, is important. Long term outcomes with early intervention have much better results and can greatly assist with children’s natural development. Knowle and Dorridge podiatrists have a genuine focus on assessing and treating all paediatric foot problems in depth. We provide evidence based advice and treatment to make sure their outcomes are as best as possible.

Heal Pain treatment in Sutton Coldfield

Plantar fasciitis results in pain, commonly felt in the region of the heel. The pain can also be in the mid part of the arch of the foot. Since it is difficult to rest the foot, the problem gradually becomes worse because the condition is aggravated with weight bearing.

We can correctly diagnose the cause of the pain giving information on exercises that will help and manufacture insoles and orthotics that can help.

Foot Care for Diabetics in Sutton Coldfield

Diabetes is the most common cause of non-traumatic limb amputation.

We offer a thorough assessment of circulation,nerves and skin looking for any biomechanical issues,and address them with footwear advice,insoles or orthotics. Ongoing foot care with regular reviews for early detection of problems.

Foot Dermatology in Sutton Coldfield

We can deal with skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and athlete’s foot. Our clinicians attend dermatology courses annually so that we are up to date with the latest guidelines and treatment protocols. The clinic has invested in the latest technology so that we can treat foot verrucae and hand warts.  There is a high resolution rate of 76%, and fungal toe and finger nails with success rates of 95%.

Foot Rheumatoid Arthritis in Sutton Coldfield 

The rheumatoid foot can be prone to ulceration, and it requires specialist knowledge to deal with the problems that can occur.

We offer good wound management and specialist knowledge of footwear and insoles for our patients.

For more information about podiatry in Sutton Coldfield at Knowle & Dorridge foot clinic please contact us.

podiatry in Sutton Coldfield

podiatry in Sutton Coldfieldpodiatry in Sutton Coldfield