This is a commonly used technique by podiatrists to treat recurring ingrown toenails. It has been a recognised procedure since the 1970s, and has a success rate of 98% resolution when performed in our clinic. It has an excellent cosmetic result as only part of the nail is removed. It is carried out using local anaesthetic, which involves two injections into the toe being operated on.

The anaesthetic is administered using the thinnest dental needles, and lasts for up to six hours.

There may be some discomfort but it is momentary as with any injection.

A tourniquet is applied to restrict blood flow to the area. The procedure takes less than twenty minutes,but the overall time is usually an hour as it takes time for the local anaesthetic to work.

A chemical is applied to the nail bed to prevent regrowth of that part of the nail.

A large dressing is applied and this is changed the following day. We try to do nail surgery at the end of the day so that the foot can be kept elevated for the rest of the day and evening. Most people report no pain when the anaesthetic wears off,though paracetamol can be taken for any discomfort.

They can take up to six weeks to heal,and during that time the toe needs to be kept clean and redressed daily with dressings provided by us.

Partial nail avulsions are an extremely successful cure,and patients are always delighted with the result.

Our charges are:

  • One side – £270
  • Two sides – £295
  • Two toes – £370
  • Total nail removal – £270

“I have recently had surgery for an ingrowing toenail and could not have received better or more caring attention. The pre and post operative information was both comprehensive and complete as was the care I received during the procedure itself. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending The Knowle & Dorridge Foot Clinic based on my experience.”

David Coleman