Swift is microwave therapy for warts on hands and verrucae on feet. Microwaves are a form of non-ionising radiation that can not cause damage to DNA, and have been used over the last thirty years to treat cancer. Microwave energy rapidly elevates tissue temperature and creates precise
localised cell destruction.

Independent clinical trials,conducted by Dr. Ivan Bristow, from the University of Southampton,demonstrated success rates of 76%. This research was carried out on verrucae of over 1 year duration that had failed to respond to other treatments.

Treatment is delivered via a single use applicator so there is no risk of cross infection.

Treatment is every 4 weeks with 3-4 sessions required. There is a follow up 3 months after the final session.

It is not painful,but can produce momentary discomfort,which has been likened to a sudden sting or scratch. There is no pain or discomfort afterwards and normal activities can be resumed immediately.

Find out more about Swift Microwave therapy here, www.treatverruca.com.

“I visited Knowle and Dorridge Foot Clinic with an extremely painful verruca which I had had for some time. I received three sessions of Swift Microwave Therapy, four weeks apart. I am delighted with the result. My verruca has completely disappeared and my toe is perfectly healthy and unscarred. I would thoroughly recommend the treatment.”

Kathleen White